All about yoga for beginners: poses, types, health benefits, tips

All persons should know about yoga and if you are a beginner, you must read Healthplaninfo’s all about yoga for beginners to know the yoga and its benefits ultimately.

What is yoga? What happens in yoga?

The sages of antiquity first chose austerities in the worship of God. But many of them could not be perfect men. The reason is that if the body is not healthy and functional then no work is accomplished. For this, Lord Buddha had to eat the charm of Chandalini named Sujata. Those sages then began to follow certain rules to keep the body healthy and functioning. Basically, you need to do compound exercises or asanas to nourish the muscles. Compound exercise strengthens and nourishes the internal nervous system, glands, and other internal muscles of the body. In yoga or yoga exercises our governing apparatus makes more rules devotion, certainty discipline. This is not the case in any other exercise. So yoga should be done by everyone, young and old.

Why do yoga?

There are a total of 31 pairs of spinal nerves in different parts of our body that maintain connections with different parts of the body except for the brain. And the brain is the center of this nervous system. From there the work of muscles and various organs is conducted. The roots of these nerves are again located in the spinal cord.

Human life and youthful vigor also depend on the flexibility and strength of this spine. If blood does not circulate properly in someone’s spine, then their nerves will become weak and their body will become old. So almost everyone in the world has tried to strengthen this spine. Through this yoga, the spine can be kept strong and strong. Aging and premature aging can be prevented. Buddhadeb lived for 61 years. His body was as good as it was at the age of 29 when he left home. Loknath Brahmachari, a man of the age, passed away at the age of 160, but his body was still tied. Why not see the beautiful Aich of tomorrow? The muscles of the old man’s body are still strong.

Observance rules of yoga

  1. any man or woman from the age of 6 to 95 years can practice this yoga. However, the processes of this seat are different at different ages.
  2. Boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12 will spend half of the time allotted in this book for this seat. That is if 20 sec. If there is time, it will be 10 seconds. If you are instructed to do it twice, then do it four times.
  3. 12 to 15-year-old boys and girls, these are 20 times each. Do it 4 times a second.
  4. When you see these seats effortlessly moving for 30 seconds Time and time will increase.
  5. for the disease for which you are doing the asanas, while doing the asanas, the disease will be cured in that seat.
  6. Do yoga in the morning, at noon, in the evening, and at any time after dinner goes. However, do not do it on an empty stomach at any time other than in the morning. And don’t do it at that time Why keep the time right. The only Vajrasana is to be done after eating at very much.
  7. Make seats on the floor with a blanket or mattress.
  8. The light and air should play in the place where you are doing yoga.
  9. Breathing will be normal while doing yoga.
  10. After any asana practice, one should breathe for a while. But not after the summit.
  11. you should do a few exercises with empty hands before doing yoga.

When is yoga inappropriate?

  1. Those who have heart weakness. There is poor eyesight, and high blood pressure, their yoga is inappropriate.
  1. Seven days after menstruation and seven months after pregnancy It is inappropriate to do yoga.
  2. 3. Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, and Shalabhasana should not be done for liver enlargement.
  3. 4. Any seat for those who suffer from the cold-cough or nasal disease for about twelve months It is better not to.

What kind of food should yogis eat?

8 am – Chew sprouted gram and ginger soaked or you can eat it by mixing the powder of raw mung dal. You can also eat hand-made flour bread with dal curry. You can bake the bread with butter and banana. You can also eat soybeans with mung dal.

Those who are very weak and underweight should eat 25 grams of Indian pea with peanut butter. Then you have to eat 100 to 150 grams. you can also eat gram and peanut butter with candy

All about yoga for beginners
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10 am to 11 am -curry, vegetables, fish, and pickles must be in the daily diet. And those who are vegetarians should eat rice with any two types of vegetables, or one type of vegetable, milk or curd. Not every day, at least two / or three days a week. eat Bitter Gourd must, etc.

It is recommended to give tiffin to all the children who go to school or college. 1 or 2 hand-made bread, dal, vegetables, or boiled eggs, toast or bananas, oranges, lemons, dates, papayas, guavas, blackberries, apples, pears, etc.

From 4 pm to 5 pm – In the evening you can eat rice, pulses, curry, fish or hand-made bread, curry, toast, butter, any fruit or sliced ​​curd, chopped banana, coconut paste, gram flour, and sugarcane paste. Dinner must be served between 9 am and 10 am: flour bread pulses

If possible, you can eat a couple of pieces of meat. However, 15 to 25-year-old children should eat four times. They also eat it. Tiffin in the morning. Then eat tiffin at 9-10 noon. In the afternoon and at night a full meal must be taken. It is recommended to give them eggs in the morning and in the afternoon and milk at night.

What is pranayama?

Pranayama is a spiritual pursuit. Its relationship with yoga is very deep. If you do yoga without practicing the pranayama method, pranayama is usually divided into three parts. Who

  1. Complement – Supplement is the act of holding one’s breath.
  2. Laxative – This method is to inhale and exhale slowly.
  3. Aquarius – This method is to hold the breath inside.

Yoga exercises for everyone

A baby has been drinking milk for life since it was born. Milk is considered to be their best food. Yoga can be practiced by all men and women between the ages of 6 and 96, and like milk, it plays an effective role in maintaining their health. The working class, the peasants, the intellectuals, the writers, the teachers, the high-ranking government officials, the engineers, the doctors, the professors all can do yoga and it plays the role of their absolute ally.

Just as pipes play a vital role in the city’s water supply, blood vessels in the body need arteries, arteries, which keep the heart moving. If the water supply pipe bursts or leaks somewhere, the water supply in that area is cut off. And those pipes have to be repaired. If the work of the veins and sub-veins that are spread all over our body like the pipeline is disrupted, then we want to activate it by doing yoga exercises. If we do yoga regularly, the instruments in our bodies stay fresh and strong for the rest of our lives. Yoga exercises should be done for at least 15 minutes to half an hour every day. When the mouth of the water pipe is pressed and released by hand, just as the speed of the water increases, so does the pressure. And when the exercise is over, as a result of that special pressure, the speed of blood becomes faster and faster which adds extra energy.

Misconceptions about yoga exercises

  1. I hear many people say that if you do yoga, you have to eat more milk, fish, meat, eggs, and bananas, otherwise your health will deteriorate. Those who have such an idea in their mind and refrain from yoga exercises need to keep in mind that in general, we can do yoga exercises by eating food such as vegetables, fish, pulses, and rice. However, for Dawn meetings, wrestling dumbbells, lifting barbells, etc., extra food has to be eaten.
  2. In yoga, the hands and feet may get injured and broken: Many people refrain from yoga because of such fears, but they have this idea Completely wrong. There is no possibility of breaking their arms and legs in yoga, instead, he will be stronger.
  3. Many people think that those who work hard in the field or in the factory do not need to do yoga exercises. But they also need yoga. Because their work does not cause blood circulation throughout the body. They are so tired. Yoga exercises should be done to relieve their fatigue and to transfer new energy. And those who do mental work need yoga exercises.

Many may now ask the question, if all the yoga will be done in yoga, then what is the need for a doctor? If that is the case then they should be stopped. There is no reason to have such an idea. Why do yoga exercises? Various germs enter our body from the environment and cause diseases. Exercise gives them the strength to fight. And the job of medical medicine is to kill them. Therefore, it is important to take medical medicine such as yoga exercises to prevent the disease and increase the ability to take that medicine. The idea that yoga can cure all diseases is not correct. Diseases such as indigestion, asthma, weakness of the heart, etc., which are due to defects in the organs of the body, will be cured by yoga exercises. Therefore, with the help of both medicine and yoga exercises, you will be healthy and sound.

Some essentials about yoga

  1. Always do yoga in light air and airy places. Do not do yoga in uneven, damp, smelly places. If a bad smell comes from outside, try to get rid of the bad smell by burning good incense.
  2. Do not do yoga in places where mosquitoes are a nuisance. Do not do yoga while lighting a kerosene lamp in the kitchen.
  3. Spread a blanket in a clean place and then do yoga to get a clean sheet. Do not do yoga on a spinning mattress or soft bed.
  4. Don’t wear tight clothing while sitting in yoga. The dress should be loose. It is better to do yoga exercises with elastic underwear and Sando Genji.
  1. Do not do yoga on an empty stomach or full stomach. Sit in yoga for half an hour after eating a little. Do any yoga pose from 15 seconds to 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in breathing and do it again 5-6 times.
  2. Have a light tiffin back from school-college or office in the afternoon. You can sit in yoga 30 minutes after tiffin or do yoga for 3 hours after dinner.
  3. Wake up in the morning and leave the stool and urine and have a little tiffin or a glass of water and then you can do yoga.
  4. Never go hungry for a long time. Eat even if you eat a little. Otherwise, there is a possibility of gastric ulcer disease.
  5. Keep a mirror in front of you while engaging in yoga. Understand that whether your seat arrangement is correct
  1. Make a list of what seats you will use each day. (A) Make 2/4 seats so that the spine is in front. (B) 2-4 left to right twists. (C) Be accustomed to 2-4 abdominal seats.
  2. Take a set time to sit in yoga. Do yoga at that time every day. It is better to do it twice. Sometimes if one or two days are left out, it will be a loss
  1. Those who do yoga should drink at least 2 / liter i.e. 5 glasses of water every day. Drink water 1 hour before or 1 hour after a meal. Do not drink water while eating.
  2. Wash your head thoroughly in cold water while bathing. And straight pour water at the base of the navel by standing or in a mug.
  1. In winter, many people bathe in hot water. But they have to see if the heat of water should not exceed the body temperature. That would be a loss.
  2. Those who have poor digestion will eat goat’s milk. However, the milk will never go cold. Those who have liver problems should not eat milk, butter, or ghee but should eat round chickpeas.
  3. Eat raw vegetables and raw fruits without eating too much fish-meat-eggs.
  4. Those who can’t eat milk are peanuts, ripe bananas, guavas, and coconuts, Eat pulses and vegetables.
  5. You need to give up the habit of sleeping during the day and sleep at least 6 to 8 hours at night. It is better to go to bed between 10 pm and 11 pm.

Some restrictions on yoga for mothers:

Yoga is not too different for men and girls. However, in some cases, they differ according to their body composition. E.g.

  1. Motherhood occurs in girls between the ages of 12 and 15. At that time they are menstruating. It lasts for 3 to 7 days. They are juicy at that time. At that time they should not do any running or yoga.
  2. Do not go up or down the stairs during menstruation. Don’t hold a bucket of water, in short, Do not lift any heavyweight.
  1. Do not get cold during menstruation. Do not stay empty. Do not sit near the oven for a long time. Do not stay in wet cloth or damp place for long. Refrain from those activities which tire you.
  2. Boil the menstrual cloth in hot water and sterilize it. Do not allow the cloth to dry in places where insects are found.
  3. Do not eat spicy, sweet, and spicy food during this session.
  4. At that time take a bath in lukewarm water and easy digestible but nutritious food should be Eaten.
  5. If there is excessive discharge or menstrual cramps due to a lack of clear menstruation, wrap a towel or towel around the lower abdomen and lie down on the floor with a pillow under the feet. You will get comfort in it.
  6. If you have severe abdominal pain during the season, you can keep a hot bag or a bottle of hot water under your stomach or a towel or towel. You can soak it in hot water and put it under the stomach.
  1. Do not do yoga from 3 months of pregnancy to 6 months of childbirth.

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